ROS de Mac Miller: el verdadero y romántico significado de la canción

Mac Miller le dedicó canciones de amor a varias mujeres; conoce para quién escribió esta romántica rola
Por: Jean G. Fowler
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
mac miller: ros
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“Buenas noches a todos, ¿cómo están? Solo quiero hacerles una pregunta, ¿alguna vez han estado enamorados antes?” comienza Mac Miller en la canción de “ROS” en compañía de un piano, simulando que está en una cantina por la noche.

Aunque Mac Miller es generalmente relacionado en el amor con Ariana Grande, el rapero tuvo otros amoríos y uno que marcó mucho su vida fue el que mantuvo con Nomi Leasure, con quien estuvo desde la preparatoria y se separaron en 2016.

Su noviazgo fue tan fuerte que le dedicó “ROS”, que significa la abreviación de la frase “rain or shine” (lluvia o sol), que también se tatuó con ella; la canción pertenece al álbum "GO:OD AM" del 2015 y de acuerdo al intérprete, la escribió en un momento en el que estaban atravesando muchas cosas juntos.

Letra de 'Ros' de Mac Miller

Good evening everybody
How's everybody doing
Just wanna ask a question umm, have you
have you, have you been in love before
You like your vodka with a little touch of lime
You should probably take your heels off
'Cause you've been running through my mind
Oh baby, they say we're no good for each other
And I can't really tell, what is this spell you put me under
Your love's not too kind to me
I hate the pain these days of rain
You're playing games of hide and seek, my love
And I'm still trying to find you
I'm looking for you babe
And I'm still trying to find you
Through sunshine or rain
Yeah, you got your stained glass iris
Diamond behind your eyelids
And though pilot fly
My heart skipped a beat like a scratched CD
Your skin smell like butterscotch and your lips taste like kiwi
Let's take a plane to Fiji, make a date let's take it easy
Love is power, swear there's something about her that make me nervous
Mother earth done gave us all a gift, she made you perfect
Let's eat some mushrooms and go to the circus
Girl you know I'm loving you just like you deserve it
So baby make me earn it, show me the way you work it
Tell me what you afraid of, I'll spit you my favorite verses
Let's just go take a breath
I want it all, every ounce of love that you got left
You are my drug and love to death
Feel free to fall, you are a catch
I'm in your heart, I'm in your dream
So fuck the world it's you and me

She is the only one that got away
If love don't last forever then forever ain't the same, yeah
Your love is not too kind to me yeah
The only thing on my mind is she
My love, my love, my love, my love, yeah
And I know that nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever
And she is cool, calm and collected
I knew that you was the one when I seen you leave me breathless
Say okay I need a second day today, give me attention, I
Want to take care of you
Marry you, something I'm prepared to, there can't be two
You was here I ran from you
Scared to take that step
But now that I am ready, you're not
You up and left me
Hope your new man make you laugh like I do
I do not mean to worry you with my obsession
I just want to be beside you, I'm
Too nice, and I had to pay that price
Everything I do is wrong, everything you do is right
Let's start a family, hold on to forever baby
Your pussy is a palace and your head is crazy
That bomb is detonating, look at this mess you're making
I am the king, you are the queen, look at this chess we're playing
Oh we had a love that love was record breaking
I'm sick of waiting
Your love is not too kind to me yeah
The only thing on my mind is she
My love, my love, my love, my love, yeah
And I know that nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever
So gimme all your love
And I will be yours, through rain and through shine
Gimme all of your love
You will be mine through rain and through shine